Engaged, Passionate, Experienced

The ownership and top management of DC3 prides ourselves in being involved every step of the way.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of protecting the interests of our customers.


We are a full service quality management team bringing over 100 years of experience in pipeline consulting, construction, inspection and engineering.


Dave Williamson

With over 40 years in construction, originating with the Operating Engineers, and over 25 years in quality inspection; current owner and President DC3 Consulting and Inspection. "in my 40 years of experience, I have witnessed an array of capabilities, motives, methods and ethics stemming from polarized interests. Because of my personal ethics, I have gained the trust of owners who encouraged me to start my own business. Those ethics will never change, nor will my commitment to doing the right thing. I consider it an honor when they hand me the keys in complete confidence."

Doug Buckler

Former Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Michigan Regional Carpenters and Millwrights; highly respected labor leader in the owner, contracting and labor communities. With over 40 years of experience, Doug led many new and innovative initiatives responsible for bringing people together in bold, progressive fashion. "I am for the Owner, through and through, and always have been. I was often unpopular in my own circles with my passion for doing what is good for the owner. That didn't matter - it was the right thing to do"


Mike Belcher

Mike Belcher is a 15 year veteran of the NDT/Inspection industry. As an assistant radiographer, senior inspector, regional director, and now business owner Mike has always had a focus on innovation to promote safety and efficiency. Mike holds multiple internationally recognized certifications issued by ASNT and AWS in ultrasonics and weld inspection. To his credit as well are US patents for multi angle wedges for conventional ultrasonics and optical encoding systems for phased array ultrasonic scanner units. “It is our duty as our client’s advocate to ensure they receive the best product possible. Any product without integrity and honest value is not the best.” – Mike Belcher

DC3 Consulting & Inspection aims to present our capabilities, qualifications and services through four key propositions that will benefit our customers:


We are not just another inspection service firm, we offer full service quality management from start to finish.


Our Promise, Predicated as an agent of Owner Interests is the Unique Value Proposition our firm offers.


“Skin in the Game” based on Overall Owner Interests deliver our clients performance based incentives.


DC3 Seeks to Better Understand the Needs, Priorities and Requirements of our customers in order to deliver competitive pricing and lean efficiency.