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January 23, 2017

DC3 Launches New Website

DC3 Consulting & Inspection is pleased to announce the launch of the firm’s new website,  With the growth of the company, the ownership and management of DC3 wanted to expand the capabilities of the site and improve online presence.  Working with JTV Studios, a full service marketing and production firm in Jackson, Michigan, a brand new site was created to fully serve clients and visitors. 

The new website will feature news updates on DC3’s projects and services posted on a weekly basis.  Along with improved interactivity for clients, the site consolidates all the relevant information about DC3’s team, services, capabilities and experience. 

“We wanted to be able to communicate the full DC3 story and our unique value of having “skin in the game” via the new website,” said DC3 Vice President Mike Belcher.  “Working with JTV has been a wonderful experience.  We are very happy with the results.”

The new site is fully responsive, compatible with all browsers and devices and fast loading.  “We will be able to instantly post photos, documents and news directly from the field”, said Belcher.  “We wanted the site to be useful for existing and future clients and we now have more capabilities with this site.  We will be adding content and features to the site on an ongoing basis.”  In addition, DC3 will soon have new Facebook and LinkedIn company profiles for improved communication.

Mike Belcher was featured as a guest on the JTV network to kick off the new site (you can watch the interview below). 

One unforeseen advantage of working with JTV on the site introduced the JTV production team to the DC3 Consulting & Inspection story.  As a result, producers have invited the company to be featured on their business growth series, “Global Great Lakes” later this year.

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