To protect the interests of the customer, communicated or implied; and to increase value by helping associated organizations optimize the quality, safety and productivity of their services and products.


We will relentlessly pursue Top Quartile Performance for our client's Quality of installed products, measured in defects and rework.


DC3 Consulting & Inspection aims to present our capabilities, qualifications and services through four key propositions that will benefit our customers:

 •  Full Service Quality Management

We are not just another inspection service firm

•  A Unique Value Proposition

Our Promise, Predicated as an agent of Owner Interests

•  Competitive Pricing and Lean Efficiency

Competitive industry pricing and a dedication to extreme efficiency

  • No Overhead

  • More With Less - Compare resource loads with similar companies

  • "Lean Mean Fighting Machine" - NO "windshield inspectors" allowed at DC3 only "Mud on the boots and grit in the teeth"

• A Performance-Based Incentive

"Skin in the Game” based on Overall Owner Interests

  • Fee At Risk, based on Owner Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Based on Accountability and Authority Matrix assigned by DTE Energy

DC3 seeks to better understand the needs, priorities and requirements of our customers.